About Us

Miller Trailer Sales is a family owned and operated business that began in April 2009.

We opened our business because we are passionate about the fun and bonding experiences that can be had while camping. In 1996 we drove across the middle and lower U.S. and back while pulling an Airstream. In 2008 we traveled the upper states, this time with a motor home. This was during the peak of $4 per gallon gasoline. We began to question the economic feasibility of traditional RVing until we encountered a few teardrop trailers, which made us rethink how RVing might be done. After a bit of research, we decided to share this new found way of RVing with others: we became a Little Guy dealer. In 2010 we expanded our business to include the Lees-ure Lite tent trailers in order to better accommodate the towing capacity of small vehicles. In 2011 we became a dealer for T@B, a redesigned larger teardrop trailer manufactured by Pleasant Valley Trailers. With the design of the T@G, released in 2014, we quickly developed an appreciation for the superior quality of the Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers. In 2017 we became an exclusive dealer for NuCamp/Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers.

Our Team

Preston Miller
Preston is an ASE certified Master Technician. In addition to Miller Trailer Sales, he is co-owner of Miller Tire & Auto. Preston has a close relationship with the manufacturer of NuCamp trailers (located in OH) and visits the factory several times a year so he can remain acquainted with the materials used in their construction.
Patsy Miller
Patsy is the office administrator for Miller Trailer Sales and the main contact/sales person for the business. She has been married to Preston for nearly 38 years. After raising and home schooling four children while running a home daycare, Patsy enjoys having this new way to occupy her time while enjoying her seven grandchildren.
Sam Miller
Sam, Preston & Patsy’s youngest child. Sam has worked off and on with the family business for the last several years on a part time basis, but officially came on board full-time with the Miller Trailer Sales Team in May 2019. Since graduating college in 2012, he has worked various positions in the business industry, gaining a vast amount of experience to bring into his role at Miller Trailer Sales as Sales Manager. He currently resides in Perkasie with his wife Melissa and two daughters: Lorelei and Hazel-Joy. Sam and wife have always over camping and he is especially looking forward to introducing his daughters to camping this summer!
Andrew Dennis
Andrew provides office and sales support for Miller Trailer Sales. He earned a BSBA Business Management (Minors of Economics and Marketing) in 2012 and MBA in Business Management (Certified in Energy Field) in 2016 from Waynesburg University. Before joining Miller Trailer Sales, Andrew lived in Pittsburgh for 24 years. He came to eastern PA to have a new experiences in a different business sector after working for 5 years in the retail musical instrument industry. Andrew also enjoys dad jokes, driving, splitting firewood, and music (both singing and playing French horn/other brass instruments).

Amanda Harrison
Amanda, Preston & Patsy’s oldest daughter, is our bookkeeper and provides office support as needed. She has nearly 20 years experience doing office work in a small business setting. She is the mother of fou . Amanda also enjoys teaching and doing gymnastics, organic gardening, volunteering at her church, and vacationing in New England.
Terry Ryan
Terry has been a member of the Miller Trailer Sales team since 2017, she primarily works on Saturdays. She is a former health and physical education teacher, a 27 year career that she enjoyed thoroughly! Terry has a fervor for the teardrop trailers and is appreciative of the quality that NuCamp provides! She resides in nearby Doylestown with her husband Steve and pup, Tiki! Terry is a former member of the U.S. National Ball Hockey team which she captained for many years. In her spare time. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and looks forward to the day when she can take them camping in the teardrops!!
Abby Moyer
Abby, one of Preston & Patsy’s daughters, is part of our weekend and summer sales team and manages our social media presence. Her puppy, Ashes, can often be found at the Miller Trailer Sales office. Abby has a B.A. in Christian Education - Youth ministry from Bryan College and an M.S. in Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University. She works as a licensed counselor at Lakeside’s Vantage Academy, an alternative school that serves at-risk student populations. When not working, Abby spends her time running, kayaking, and volunteering at her church with her husband Ryan.
Vicki Schow
Vicki, one of Preston & Patsy's daughters, designs and manages our website from Quincy, MA. She has earned a B.A. in Sociology from Geneva College, an M.A. in Sociology from Northeastern University, and a Ph.D. in Sociology at Northeastern University with a dissertation examining how mid-sized urban communities incorporate new immigrant populations into local politics. Vicki is a professor at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. Vicki's family enjoys road and mountain biking, international travel, and camping with their teardrop - Miller Trailer Sales' very first sale.