Miller Trailer Sales is a dealer of NuCamp trailers. We have carried other brands over the years, but have found quality and service issues with other brands. We love the superior quality found in these trailers we sell.

T@G by NuCamp
The T@G is our smallest teardrop trailer and can be pulled by most cars. This trailer is the result of a combination between its older sibling, the T@B teardrop travel trailer, and the classic teardrop trailer from the 1940's.

The T@G features modern amenities, doors, windows and styling from the T@B while marrying it with the retro, teardrop shape and diminutive size.

The standard T@G features a queen size bed and the T@G XL has a king size bed.
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T@B by NuCamp
The T@B is unlike any other light weight camper on the market. Originally inspired by the classic teardrop camper trailer, the T@B takes teardrops to the next level by adding bright colors, standing room, sleek lines and many amenities. Camping does not have to mean discomfort!
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T@B 400 by NuCamp
Do you love the teardrop design, but need more room? The TAB 400 is our largest and most spacious teardrop camper. It’s perfect for adventurers who like to get out and stay out for longer periods of time. Inside the standard Tab 400 camper, you get a dedicated queen size sleeping area, spacious wet bath, roomy kitchen, plenty of storage, and a dinette that can convert into a second sleeping area.
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Cirrus Truck Camper by NuCamp
This 100% aluminum truck camper sets the standard for quality. It is modern and luxurious. Hit the road in comfort!
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AVIA by NuCamp
Fusing Ohio Amish craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology and all of the keystones you have come to expect from nuCamp, the AVIA (ähvee-uh) has been beautifully designed both inside and out.
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