The T@B is more than a trailer, it is a lifestyle. With its unmistakeably unconventional style has produced an active fan community.

The T@B trailer comes in two models: 320 and 400. The T@B 320 is under 2000 lbs and comes in four floorplans. The T@B 400 is 34" longer, 10" wider, and 11" taller than the T@G 320 and weights 2,690 lbs.

These trailers are two of the most innovative trailers on the market.

The T@B trailers have the option of white or silver sidewalls and the trim colors available include blue, red, silver, black, or white.

For a full comparison of the specifications of each trailer and the variable features, please check out this PDF.

T@B 320 Floor Plan Options

U Floor Plan

"U" is the original T@B floorplan. It is known as the "U" from the U-shaped seating area. It features the largest sleeping space available, complete with overhead cabinetry in the rear. The front of the trailer offers a sink, glass-top stove, wardrobe, cabinetry, and a 3-way fridge.

The T@G 320 U Model can also add the BoonDock or Sofitel packages.

S Floor Plan

Having a tough time committing without a bathroom? The "S" floor plan offers the traditional U kitchen and sleeping areas, but exchanges the wardrobe and moves the AC for a wetbath, which includes a shower and toilet. The sleeping area size is not compromised by the addition of the wetbath.

The T@G 320 S Model can also add the BoonDock or Sofitel packages.

CS Floor Plan

Do you love the outdoors more than the average Joe? If so, the CS floorplan is for you! It moves the kitchen facilities out of the front area of the trailer into a galley area accessible from the outside. The clamshell model originates from the traditional teardrop design where the kitchen is contained in the back hatch. The front of the trailer features cabinetry and a wardrobe in lieu of the standard kitchen space.

The T@G 320 CS Model can also add the Sofitel package.

CS-S Floor Plan

Love the clamshell but want a bathroom? You can have your cake and eat it too! With the T@B 320 CS-S floor plan you get a clamshell with a wet bath. As with the S floor plan, the wetbath replaces the wardrobe area and bumps the AC to a mounted position. Again, the sleeping area is not compromised by the addition of a shower and toilet.

The T@G 320 CS-S Model can also add the Sofitel package.

Optional Packages

Available in the T@B 320 S and T@B 320 U, the Boondock package features anything you need for off-road camping. The exterior shows off slick, off-road wheels and a roof rack with a cargo basket and spare tire; it’s perfect for anyone craving an adventure. The Boondock package also boasts a pitched axle and a custom diamond plate tongue box, giving it that tough appearance.

Step inside the T@B and notice the Boondock aesthetics from the cargo netting above the windows. Long day of hiking? Take a seat on the solid gray cushions and relax. And don’t worry about getting the floor dirty. The package is fitted with uber tough Marmoleum flooring. Similar to Linoleum flooring, Marmoleum is highly durable, anti-microbial and easy to maintain. The Boondock package is the perfect touch for any serious camper.

BoonDock Features

  • 5 Piece ABS Off-road Kit
  • Yakima Roof Rack with Load Warrior and Spare
  • Pitched Axle
  • Matte Black Off-Road Wheels
  • Cargo Netting Above Window
  • Uber Strength Marmoleum Flooring
  • Custom Diamond Plated Tongue Box
  • Aluminum Utility Platform
  • Solid Gray Cushions
  • Custom Decals
The Sofitel package is available in the T@B 320 CS, CS-S, U, and S. The ultimate luxury package, the Sofitel is fit for those that want to camp in style. Coated in a silver metallic paint with custom alloy wheels, your T@B will surely turn heads on the road. When the sun goes down, turn on the light to your deluxe assist handle outside your door to show off its accent lighting. Be ready for attention, though, because your T@B will attract everyone on the campground.

Once you step inside the T@B, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful upscale cabinetry and hardware. From the glass top sink to the tailored white table and countertops, you’ll immediately fall in love. Much like the exterior, the interior walls and ceiling show off a contemporary silver coating. To complete the luxurious appearance, the package comes with custom 2-toned leather cushions and yacht-inspired flooring. For campers who want to travel luxuriously and affordable, the Sofitel package is for you.


  • Polished Aluminum Sidewalls
  • Two-Tone Faux Leather Cushions
  • Custom Alloy Wheels
  • Upscale Cabinetry & Hardware
  • Radiused White Table and Counter Tops
  • Modern, Silver Interior Walls and Ceiling
  • Yacht-Styled Flooring
  • Accent Lighting Over Windows
  • Lit Deluxe Assist Handle
  • Custom Graphics